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SuperHandy Mini Manual Chain Hoist 1/2 TON 1100 LBS Capacity

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SuperHandy Hoists are versatile but for the use that was intended & designed for. Do NOT use our hoists for non-recommended applications. Best Applications to use for are DIY or Industrial for lifting or dragging at Construction Sites, Garages, Warehouses, Ship Building Wharves/Docks, Automotive Facilities, Workshops, Installing Machinery, Mines, Factories, Farms & Power Plants. Our hoists are perfect for open air ground & places where power supplies are not available.

  • Aluminum Alloy Hand Wheel for lifting or dragging
  • MAX Lift of 5 Feet
  • HeadRoom of 10" inch
  • Load Chain Diameter of 4.3mm
  • MAX weight capacity of 1/2 TON 1100LBS (500Kg)
  • Heavy-duty 20MN2 Alloy Steel Chain
  • Milled steel gears are black-oxide finished
  • Heat-treated cold-rolled forged
  • Precision machined load sheave chain pockets using Roller Bearings and Friction Discs
  • ASME Overhead Hoists (underhung) regulations under OSHA B30.21 and ASME HST-3 standards
  • 360° capable Swivel Hooks